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Онлайн тест на уровень знания английского языка

My dad …

There is not _______ butter in the fridge.

________ is a person who works at school

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на два вопроса по тексту.
I am John. I have a nice black dog. It can jump and run. I’m happy. This is Nick. He has a frog. The frog is little and green. It can jump and swim. But Nick hasn’t got a dog and he is sad. This is Jean. She has a funny parrot. It can fly. Jean is happy, too.

1. Who is happy?

2. Who has got a little green pet?

Послушайте аудио и ответьте на вопрос:

Where are the people?

There _______ 25 students in the classroom.

She never __________ sweets.

I don’t play golf _________.

Mark goes to school ____ days a week.

1. Ответьте на 2  вопроса по тексту. 
Their house was very small. The four walls, the floor and the roof made one room. There was a cooker, a cupboard for the dishes, a table, three or four chairs, and two beds. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em had a big bed, and Dorothy had a little bed. There was a small hole with a ladder under the house where they hid during a storm. Very often, there are storms in Kansas, and winds are very strong during a storm.

1. How many rooms were there in the house?

2. Why was there a small hole with a ladder under the house?

They don't have very ... time to prepare for the concert.

I play tennis ... than my father does.

I’m looking for ... new job.

Прослушайте аудио, ответьте на 2 вопроса.

1. The lady wants to buy a stamp to send a letter to _______

2.How many stamps did she buy?

Lora doesn’t drive ... as her husband does.

Tim didn’t... in Australia.

Не doesn’t know what the word ...

We need to do more for... poor.

I have been ____ Italy several times.

Are you afraid ____ snakes?

Some antique vases ___________ in the old house.

You __________ take care of your parents.

Ответьте на два вопроса по тексту.
This is my costume for our school Halloween party. I think that’s the best costume I’ve ever had. I was window shopping when I saw this lovely striped skirt with the matching top. It took me half an hour to try it on and decide to buy it. When I came back home and showed it to my parents, my mum found that bright red scarf to put on my head. I also spent some time trying to find tight black leggings and a funny belt with a skeleton on it. When I appeared at the school party, my costume attracted every eye and I believe I looked fantastic and was in the center of attention. Oh, have I mentioned that I got a big box of sweets in the carnival costume competition!

1. The girl __________ her new costume

2. The girl’s costume was ________-

We believe that measures are ___________ to avoid such a disaster in future.

Beef cattle __________ important of all livestock for economic grows in certain geographic regions.

___________ you study and prepare, __________ you score.

Peter has two brothers, but he doesn't speak to ________ of them.

About __________ the total population of the UK lives in the Greater London Area.

It was a very popular radio and television comedy of _________

Ответьте на два вопроса к следующей аудиозаписи

1. When and where is she going to fly?

2. What's her name?

If the boy ____________ a life jacket, he __________.

Both my mum and dad _________ busy at the moment.

Either my parents or my brother ____ coming, 

The menu ______________ of various starters, main courses and desserts.

Do you know how long _____ going to stay in Italy?

Ответьте на 2 вопроса по следующему тексту
I confess that when first I made acquaintance with Charles Strickland I never for a moment recognized that there was in him anything out of the ordinary. Yet now few will be found to deny his greatness. I do not speak of that greatness which is achieved by the fortunate politician or the successful soldier; that is a quality which belongs to the place he occupies rather than to the man; and a change of circumstances reduces it to very small proportions. The Prime Minister out of office is seen, too often, to have been but a pompous rhetorician, and the General without an army is but the dull hero of a market town. The greatness of Charles Strickland was authentic. It may be that you do not like his art, but at all events you can hardly refuse it the tribute of your interest. He disturbs and arrests. The time has passed when everyone laughed at him, and it is no longer a mark of eccentricity to defend him. His faults are accepted as the necessary complement to his merits. It is still possible to discuss his place in art but one thing can never be doubtful, and that is that he had genius.

1. Which is true?

2. What does the phrase «His faults are accepted as the necessary complement to his merits» mean? 

The train pulled ______exactly on time.

It's so annoying when people push ____ at the bus stop. 

Ответьте на 2 вопроса к следующей аудиозаписи:

1. The conversation is ________

2. John explains ...

I don't want to buy this book because it costs__________

Soon I got used _________- in this hot country and stopped _______.

The city is expecting extra tourists to celebrate ________ anniversary.

A third of grammar books _______very difficult and the given information _____ not illustrated.